A Fabulous Fat Quarter

Novel ideas with novelty fabrics from 4my3boyz.com

27. September 2012 08:19
by tbev

Fabulous Storage Ideas Using Stuff You've Got

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I love perusing storage ideas for fabric. When done well, it becomes a piece of art, like a loose-leaf patchwork quilt. These ideas I've collected are great ways to use items you probably have already lying around the basement collecting dust. Check them out:

1. An old library card catalog with an antiqued paint job puts fat quarters at easy access and on gorgeous display.

2. A hanging magazine rack holds fat quarters on display (and up away from little hands).

3. Unused bookshelves make perfect fabric storage. 

4. Remember those endless CD racks you bought before iPods came around? They work great for fat quarters. (Bonus: Fat quarters will never go digital!)

5. An old chest of drawers painted a bright color can be put to good use for fabric organization. 

6. A freestanding wire CD rack makes a colorful room divider and excellent storage.

What do you have lying around that could be put to use? Share your ideas!

25. September 2012 06:04
by tbev

Fabulous DIY Table Runners

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As the seasons change, I'm always ready to change up the decorations in my house, and a fresh new table runner is one of my favorite ideas. What better way to put that stash of fat quarters to use? I found three great DIY ideas for every skill level.

Easy: Lovely Crafty Home shares simple instructions for this quick table makeover, perfect for a beginning sewing project. Customize width and length for your table.

Medium: This quilted runner from Polka Dot Chair requires a bit more skill, but can still be put together in an afternoon or two. 

Expert: Four fat quarters and quilt-as-you-sew instructions make this runner a simple project for a confident seamstress. Pattern from Quilt Warehouse.

I love to see what fabulous fat quarters can do, don't you?

20. September 2012 13:34
by tbev

New Fabulous Fabrics

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It seems like fall is all about the new fashions, and it's no different at 4my3boyz Fabrics! Here are some of the latest fabrics to hit our runways—er, our giant cutting table. 

Our Creepers Peepers collection is such a scream for Halloween! 
Clockwise from top:
Creepers Peepers Vintage Halloween Squares
Creepers Peepers Musical Score on Black
Creepers Peepers Vintage Halloween Stripe
Creepers Peepers Owls Musical Score Beige


Our Marvel Superhero fabrics really pack a punch!
Top to bottom:
Marvel Retro Comics Superhero Collage 
Marvel Comics Superheroes in Squares (center) 
Marvel Retro Comics Logo and Superheroes 


Carb lovers really go for our Mr. Potato Head line!
Clockwise from top left:
Hot Potatoes Potato Head Characters Blue
Hot Potatoes Potato Head Characters Brown
Hot Potatoes Mr. Potato Head Face Sets Green
Hot Potatoes Potato Heads Spuds Blue
Hot Potatoes Potato Head Accessories Gold
Hot Potatoes Potato Head Accessories Green
Hot Potatoes Potato Heads Spuds Orange 

And finally, your little one's favorite robotic entertainers, Yo Gabba Gabba, are doing their thing on these cool fabrics!
Left to right:
Yo Gabba Gabba Robots Monsters Blue 
Yo Gabba Gabba Colorful Robots and Monsters
Yo Gabba Gabba Robots Monsters Green

The question is: What kind of cool projects would you use these fabrics to create?

By the way, congratulations to Maria R. from New Zealand! She was selected as the winner of our National Sewing Month fabric giveaway. Will you be the next winner?

18. September 2012 06:16
by tbev

Great Reads for Quilters

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When you curl up with a favorite quilt and a good book, what do you pick? There's a great selection of quilt-centric reads out there for you or your favorite quilter. Here are some favorites:

The Elm Creek Quilts series by Jennifer Chiaverini is not only fun to read, but critically acclaimed as well. Each novel intersects a fascinating time in history, exploring important themes and issues, and unforgettable characters. Check out all 26 titles in the Elm Creek Quilts series, with a new title launching next month, The Giving Quilt

Sandra Dallas has also authored several bestselling titles including novels The Persian Pickle Club and The Quilt Walk, as well as non-fiction title, The Quilt That Walked to Golden

Earlene Fowler's Benni Harper mystery series features quilts, mystery, and a whole lot of fun. Titles include Goose in the Pond, Dove in the Window, and Steps to the Altar.

And finally, Terri Thayer has incredibly popular quilting mysteries like Wild Goose Chase, Old Maid's Puzzle, and Monkey Wrench. Page-turners, I tell you!

What about you, do you have a favorite quilting book? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

13. September 2012 12:09
by tbev

Simple Fleece Scarves

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Cold weather and holiday giving are both around the corner, and our new supply of fleece fabric is a perfect match for both. Today I'm sharing two super simple fleece scarf ideas. The first is a no-sew fringe scarf and the second is a one-stitch eternity scarf—both adorable accessories for yourself or someone on your gift list. These also make great projects for kids or beginning sewers. 

No-Sew Fleece Scarf
(featuring Autism Awareness Fabric

4m3b No-Sew Scarf 1

1. Take one 12-inch strip of fleece fabric (58-60" wide) and trim the ends. 

4m3b No-Sew Scarf 2 

2. Place a strip of masking tape 7 inches from each edge of the fabric.

4m3b No-Sew Scarf 3

3. Make 1-inch slits across each edge of the fabric.

4m3b No-Sew Scarf 4

4. Cut each slit up to the masking tape line.

4m3b No-Sew Scarf 5

5. Tie a knot at the top of each fringe.

4m3b No-Sew Scarf 6

6. Repeat with the other side. 


One-Stitch Eternity Scarf
(featuring Canyon Southwest Pattern Turquoise)

4m3b Eternity Scarf 1

1. Take one 18-inch strip of fleece fabric (58-60" wide) and trim off the edges.

4m3b Eternity Scarf 2

2. Pin right sides of the two ends together.

4m3b Eternity Scarf 3

3. Using a wide zig-zag stitch, sew the pieces together with a back stitch at each end. Turn the fabric inside out and you're finished!

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