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4. August 2013 12:26
by CarSut

4my3boyz Fabrics Giveaways - July Winners and August Contests!

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Congratulations go out to these wonderful women and a Fabulous Thank You for your patronage and involvement in the world of social media with 4my3boyz Fabrics!



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9. April 2013 06:52
by tbev

Fabulous Fabrics for Summer Projects

9. April 2013 06:52 by tbev | 0 Comments

4m3b Summer Inspiration

Warmer breezes seem to be blowing inspiration my way for the summer months ahead. Thoughts of lightweight quilts, patchwork tablecloths, and colorful cloth napkins sent me looking through the inventory at 4my3boyz Fabrics for this fabric fantasy. The Dots, Stripes, and Squiggles fabrics (on sale today and tomorrow) scream summer fun to me. See my inspiration photo with fabric picks below.

4m3b Quilt Inspiration

Who wouldn't want to jump right into this beautiful summer scene, cloaked in a colorful quilt with a good book tucked under your arm. I can't think of a better summer afternoon. Fabric inspiration (clockwise) are all bundles:
Polka Dots White Dots 6 Fat Quarters 
Navy Blue Polka Dots 4 Fat Quarters 
Red Polka Dots 4 Fat Quarters  
Black Polka Dots 4 Fat Quarters 
Pink Polka Dots 4 Fat Quarters 
Blue Polka Dots 4 Fat Quarters  
Polka Dots White Dots 6 Fat Quarters  

4m3b Tablecloth Inspiration
A colorful, patchwork tablecloth would be perfect for a dinner on the patio, or a picnic in the park. I love the topstitching detail in the photo. Fabric inspiration (clockwise): 
Mary Engelbreit Red and Black Dots on Yellow 
Bumble Bee Black and Yellow Large 1.5" Stripes  
Rainbow Stripes of Various Sizes  
Contempo Dots Blue Green Brown on White 
Rainbow Stripes of Various Sizes 
Bumble Bee Black and Yellow Large 1.5" Stripes   
Mary Engelbreit Red and Black Dots on Yellow 

4m3b Napkin DIY Inspiration
I absolutely love the look and feel of cloth napkins. How fun would it be to open your linen drawer and see stacks of colorful polka dot napkins? The thought puts a smile on my face. Fabric inspiration (clockwise): 
Pink Polka Dots 4 Fat Quarters 
Blue Polka Dots 4 Fat Quarters 
Navy Blue Polka Dots 4 Fat Quarters 
Red Polka Dots 4 Fat Quarters 
Polka Dots White Dots 6 Fat Quarters 
Black Polka Dots 4 Fat Quarters 
Contempo Dots Blue Green Brown on White (not bundled)
P.S. Check out our DIY homemade napkins and tablecloth fabric guide for even more inspiration!

19. March 2013 06:23
by tbev

Fabulous! Sweet 16 Fabrics

19. March 2013 06:23 by tbev | 0 Comments

4my3boyz Sweet 16 Fabrics

While some of America is caught up in one kind of March Madness, we're caught up in another kind: fabulous fabrics from 4my3boyz! I've put together my "Sweet 16" and you can decide which one is the winner. (Wait, who are we kidding? They're all winners!) Here's the play-by-play:

1. Peacocks Flowers and Butterflies in Squares - Who doesn't love a parading peacock to start things off?
2. Puppy Dogs Dalmation Boxer Retriever Pups - Puppies are here to play, and they've bought their A-game!
3. Star Wars Characters in Squares - Luke, I am your fabric! 
4. M&M Funfetti Characters Packed on Brown - What's a good game without a candy-coated chocolate snack? 
5. US Military Marines Scenes Camouflage Fleece -  Call in the big guns, this is getting serious!
6. Boo Crew Skeletons Dancing on Purple - No bones about it, this is quite a matchup!
7. In Motion Monster Trucks All Over on Cream -  This competition is in overdrive!
8. Outer Space Planets Glow in the Dark - In a surprise move, this one is glowing in the dark!
9. A Stitch in Time Vintage Sewing Machines Large -  This is "sew" exciting!
10. Barcodes in Rows on White - After scanning the competition, this one really stands out!
11. Red White and Blue Cowboy Boots and Flags - These boots were made for walking (and jamming).
12. Swing Time Golf Carts on Lime Green - Speedy and sporty, this game is zipping along!
13. Tucson Kokopelli Figures on Purple - These cheerleaders are amazing!
14. Destination Travel Words from Around the World - This well-traveled player has got the experience to win!
15. State Flowers Indian Blankets Oklahoma - Oklahoma has always been a powerhouse in this competition! 
16. Landscape Medley Birch Trees Birch Bark - Don't get intimidated, this player is all bark and no bite!

That wraps up this competition! Who will make it into your basket?

5. March 2013 07:25
by tbev

Fabulous No-Sew Easter Projects

5. March 2013 07:25 by tbev | 0 Comments

4my3boyz No-Sew Easter Projects

Easter comes early this year (March 31st, to be exact), which means that it's time to get cracking! I came across these delightfully simple no-sew projects that will save you time, but keep your Easter looking first class. Check them out: 

1. No-Sew Easter Bunny Applique - Adorable on a onesie, but could be great on a skirt or tote bag too.
2. Fabric Easter Basket - A no-sew keepsake that is SO much cuter than the cheap plastic versions! 
3. No-Sew 10-Minute Easter Bow Ties - Ridiculously adorable! 
4. No-Sew DIY Spring Tutu - Find me a little girl who wouldn't love to spin around in this on Easter. 

And speaking of Easter, we've got some adorable fabrics at 4my3boyz that are begging to become your Easter creations. Checkout the Peter Rabbit Fabrics, featuring everybody's favorite Beatrix Potter characters and illustrations. We've also got a wide range of Easter and Spring Fabrics to browse.

2. October 2012 07:03
by tbev

Fabulous Holiday Fabrics

2. October 2012 07:03 by tbev | 0 Comments

We have been so busy receiving bolts and bolts of new fabrics, it's been a bit like Christmas around the workroom at 4my3boyz Fabrics! Speaking of Christmas, some of our new holiday fabrics are unbelievably beautiful. Would you like to take a peek?

The Candy Cane Dreams line by Quilting Treasures is so much fun. The fabric is such nice quality and the colors are incredibly vibrant. 

This Merry Christmas large panel is stunning and the detail in the artwork will wow you.

Beautiful packages, rocking horses, teddy bears, gingerbread houses, and candy canes make this Christmas Toss fabric such fun.

I am eating this Candy Cane 3/8" Stripe fabric up! Not literally (though it looks tempting)!

I can't look at this Sleigh Bells Fabric without being reminded of one of my favorite Christmas Books, the Polar Express. Believe!

And this magical scene of Santa in the Night Sky is absolutely enchanting for anybody who loves Christmas.

Another line of fabric from Quilting Treasures is the Away In a Manger series, which is breathtakingly beautiful. Pictures do not do these fabrics justice. They are all accented with gold thread, giving them a special glow. I think you'll love them.

The Large Panel Nativity Scene is absolutely beautiful. Stunning. Almost ethereal.  

The Nativity Vignettes Fabric is equally lovely. 

The Manger Nativity Scenic Stripe Fabric gives a gorgeous contrast of the Bethlehem night scape and the warm tones of the manger scene.

The Angel Medallions Fabric is as striking as stained glass.

And speaking of stained glass, this Royal Blue Stained Glass Fabric is a perfect compliment.

The brilliant gold in the quiet blue Bethlehem Night Sky Fabric is an incredible contrast. As I mentioned, the pictures don't do it justice.

All of these gorgeous fabrics beg the question: What would YOU create with them? I'd love to know!