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12. August 2012 05:47
by tbev

Quilt Sizing Tool

12. August 2012 05:47 by tbev | 5 Comments

I firmly believe that, whenever possible, let someone else do the math for you. This fabulous Quilt Sizing Tool will help you calculate how much fabric you'll need for any size mattress. It even takes pillow thickness and overlap into account, so plug in your information and leave the math to the tool. Keep a bookmark on this, my friends, you'll want to have it handy!

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Love the calculator.  What a good idea!  Thanks for posting it.


I agree.  I also like the little girls outfit with great directions.


Like the new sight...looking forward to new ideas


Hello! I think the calculator tool is very convenient; no more guesstimating.  Thanks.

Iva Spell

Love the calculator and entire website.  Keep it up!