A Fabulous Fat Quarter

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27. September 2012 08:19
by tbev

Fabulous Storage Ideas Using Stuff You've Got

27. September 2012 08:19 by tbev | 0 Comments

I love perusing storage ideas for fabric. When done well, it becomes a piece of art, like a loose-leaf patchwork quilt. These ideas I've collected are great ways to use items you probably have already lying around the basement collecting dust. Check them out:

1. An old library card catalog with an antiqued paint job puts fat quarters at easy access and on gorgeous display.

2. A hanging magazine rack holds fat quarters on display (and up away from little hands).

3. Unused bookshelves make perfect fabric storage. 

4. Remember those endless CD racks you bought before iPods came around? They work great for fat quarters. (Bonus: Fat quarters will never go digital!)

5. An old chest of drawers painted a bright color can be put to good use for fabric organization. 

6. A freestanding wire CD rack makes a colorful room divider and excellent storage.

What do you have lying around that could be put to use? Share your ideas!